Imaging Center

Ken Allen Studios provides digital imaging solutions for workflow, color management, system design, and automation. In working with large archives of artworks, our goal is to find the right solutions for a collection’s particular needs and budget.

There are two options for institutional imaging:

  • Setting up an imaging center on-site in the institution that is operated by our trained personnel
  • Outsourcing the project to our Williamsburg facility.

The best solution depends on the types of objects to be digitized and the scope of the project.

When collections are properly digitized, high-quality digital files are created. Derivatives of these files can modified for use in fine art printing, general media publications, and to establish online collection databases. Art institutions, historical societies, university libraries, and numerous other institutions have already begun the digitization of their artworks and artifacts; this is not only an aid to scholars and curators, but gives access and information to a larger public about your institution and its collections. (See Services: Consultation)


  • Digitizing Objects

In creating a digital archive, there is no single approach that is right for all objects. Different protocols are required to create an optimal digital file for different works of art depending on the type and condition of the object. We can advise you on creating Digital Master Files that contain the maximum technical information possible for each type of object. (For more information, please see Services: Digitization)

  • Setting Up Imaging Centers

KAS is pleased to consult with you on setting up work centers for scanning, archiving, and creating digital assets from art collections. We can design a customized workflow for your institution, from evaluating your current set-up to specifying equipment and training personnel. In addition, we provide consultation on process control, quality assurance, color management, and general problem-solving for existing institutional image centers. (For more information, please see Services: Imaging Centers)

  • Seminars

Ken Allen periodically conducts free seminars for museums and photographers. Contact us to find out when our next seminar is scheduled. If you have a large group and would like a private seminar on a specific subject, please contact Ken Allen for rates and availability. (For more information, please see News: Seminars)