5 Things a Photographer Should Tell a Printer

 5 Things a Photographer Should Tell a Printer

1. Paper Type

Specify matte, luster, or glossy – or if you have a preference for a specific brand and type of paper. If you are unsure, ask to see print samples.

2. Print Size

Specify both the image size and border size, if any. This determines paper format for the most economic use of the paper and to make sure that you receive the best price.

To read more about selecting paper size, click on the title above.

3. Usage

Let us know if it is for a portfolio, gallery exhibit, museum collection, or bathroom wall. We use this information to tweak the materials and color management to get the perfect look for the environment it will be seen in.

4. Finishing

Let us know your post-production needs. For example, will the print to be mounted, framed, or laminated? This information will affect color management and your paper choices.

5. Feeling

This is one of the least considered, but one of the most important, aspects of a good print. How does the image make you feel and how do you want the viewer to respond to the image? This will help us to make suggestions for all of the above and to ensure that you get the results you want.