Frame Before You Print

Choosing a Frame

When choosing the final presentation for a print, knowing the choices ahead of time will allow you to make the print on the correct material and at the ideal size for the intended presentation.

If the print will be traditionally framed, first decide how it will be framed. Will you use a window mat? Will the print be framed to the edge of the image or will it be floated in the middle of the frame? Will the mounted print be floated in the frame or do you want to keep the paper border to mimic the feel of a window matte?

The paper you choose for your print should compliment your framing style of choice. If the print is going to be floated, then a paper with some thickness and presence will be more appealing then a thinner paper. Knowing whether or not a paper border will be used and what the relationship between the image and paper size is will also help you to choose the right support.

For most framing options, the print should be mounted to keep it flat. Depending on which option you choose, you may be able to see the mounting board.  Common substrates include: 1/8″ Sintra, 1/4″ Sintra, 1/8″ Dibond, and .063 Aluminum.