Feature Shoot Third Emerging Photography Awards

Every year for the last three years, the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards have culminated in an exhibition at United Photo Industries in DUMBO, Brooklyn. This time, UPI Creative Director Sam Barzilay handpicked three winning photographers to exhibit at the gallery: Johanna-Maria FritzAnsley West Rivers, and Zoe Wetherall. The Winner Showcase opens Thursday night with an Artist Reception at 6:00 PM, with exhibiting prints made on ChromaLuxe® aluminum at the state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing facility at Ken Allen Studios.

Feature Shoot Second Annual Emerging Photography Awards

Feature Shoot has just announced five winners for their Second Annual Emerging Photography Awards.

As the printer of choice for the winning work, Ken Allen Studios is thrilled to be working with this award-winning website, which has helped to launch the careers of game-changing photographers since 2008.

An exhibition of the winning photography, Developed: Five Emerging Photographers, will open at United Photo Industries, 16 Main St, #B, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, with a reception Thursday, June 2, 6:00-9:00PM.

* In an interesting side note, all the artists chose to have their work printed using our new dye sublimation process. You can find more information on this process here.

Spring Photo Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Spring 2016 Photo Contest:


First Prize:

  •  Elena Lyakir

Second Prize:   

  • Alexa Hoyer 
  • Patricia Voulgaris
  • Yoav Friedlander

Third Prize:

  • Chris Stach
  • Dana Stirling
  • David McGlynn
  • Eunsung Jeon
  • Julia Forrest
  • Luis Maldonado
  • Emese Kiss
  • Samantha Friend

Fourth Prize:   

  • Catalina Sour Vasquez
  • Cecilia Lee
  • Daniel Mirer
  • Deborah Ory and Ken Browar
  • Deryne Keretic
  • Drew Reynolds
  • Dylan Johnston
  • John Fell
  • Kyle Wong
  • Lumia Nocito
  • Max Kristula Green
  • Richard Silver


The reception party will be held on Thursday May 5, 2016 5 - 9pm for all awarded work at Ken Allen Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Winning work will be on display from May 5 - July 29, 2016. The exhibition will be opened to the public on Fridays 10am - 6pm or by appointment

Thank you to all who submitted their work and Congratulations to our winners.



Dye Sublimation Printing

It's like print and aluminum mount had a genius baby.

Dye sublimation printing has been around for a long time, beginning with its use in the textile industry. By 2005, manufacturers in the photo industry began using the process to make metal prints, as well as printing on wood, ceramic, and other novelty items. The first prints were low resolution, glossy, and had a flashy look that consumer labs picked up on. While there was great commercial success with it, fine art printers like myself didn't care for the lack of subtlety.

Then a company called Universal Woods invented a new coating, which they called Chromaluxe®. It could be applied to aluminum, wood, or laminates and was both lightfast and durable. Recently, Epson made advances in its dye sub printing technology, improving the sharpness and the quality of the transfer printing. KAS was not the first fine art printer to use this technology. We watched and waited while the initial technologies sorted themselves out. This spring, we launched our dye sublimation printing facilities using the latest and best equipment for a state of the art printing lab.

I am personally excited about this new technology. The prints we are making with this process have a unique, dimensional quality while also having lightfast archival characteristics that go beyond traditional lab chromogenic prints.

This process starts with a dye inkjet print onto transfer paper. The paper is then loaded into our heat press with the specially coated Chromaluxe® metal. Under high temperature (400˚F) and pressure, the dye is transferred permanently into the coating. Dye sublimation prints are durable because the dyes are below the coated surface, resulting in a fade-and-scratch resistant piece. The aluminum is .045 inches thick, which can stand alone or be backed with any of our substrates, braced, or framed.


These are like white paper and come in these finishes:

  • White Gloss: high-gloss, glossy finish.
  • White Semi-Gloss: non-glare semi-gloss finish.
  • White Matte: non-glare and non-reflective finish.

Special Order:

  • Aluminum Matte: Transparent non-glare coating; the brushed metal shows through light and white areas of the image.
  • Aluminum Glossy: Transparent glossy coating; the brushed metal shows through light and white areas of the image.

In addition to the standard sizes, there is the option of computer controlled cutting (CNC cutting) to any shape.