Collier Schorr, “8 Women” at 303 Gallery

Collier Schorr‘s In the Collage (Marie) was singled out last year by Artspace as one of 11 Revelatory Artworks at Frieze New York (1). It was the first print in a series using our new eco-solvent printer. For her solo exhibition at 303 Gallery, nearly every image was made using a different photographic technique and printed using a different medium. Collier came to us with a particular vision for each print; it was our responsibility to find the best process to fulfill her vision.

Each image in the show was a separate project. Two to three, sometimes up to five, materials were tested on different printers to determine which method and support best expressed the artist’s intent. One of the images in the show is from a 2 x 3 inch image from a tear-sheet which was blown up to over 20 times the original size. Other images were shot digitally or with a large format film camera.

While an aqueous pigment ink printer was used for some of the images in the show, we decided to use the eco-solvent printer from Epson for others. Designed for durability and better ink control, eco-solvent pigments have great lightfast qualities, but comparing with an eco-solvent printer to a pigment ink printer can be likened to working with spray paint versus watercolor. While these pigments have better cohesion to the support, clean-up is more difficult. An aqueous printer provides better detail, but the printing process on an eco-solvent printer can be more customized – e.g., the ink can be overloaded or limited, adjusting ink output to the paper, allowing for more varied effects. These images were printed on a new matte paper to give them a different feel from those done with aqueous inks.

Most people do not have the time or budget for this kind of super-individualized work for each print, but it illustrates how we can embrace a client’s specific needs and experiment with custom printing methods to help them push their work in new directions.